Professional training

In combination with Haloskin line, we offer innovative classes, alternative to the traditional ones. In this way we support the ever-present necessity of beauty specialists to offer original and unique services.

Massaggio Armonico Salino®

Registered in 2019 by IFP Ideaforproject srl, is an innovative, purifying and energizing but at the same time relaxing massage. This massage is done using Himalayan Salt Spheres that are rotated by the operator with specific moves. The spheres are 100% natural, completely composed by Himalayan Salt. Thanks to Salt properties, this massage helps against irritation of the skin such as acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.

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SPA & Wellness Guide

This master class has the goal to better support beauty specialists that want to increase their professional understanding about how to realize a perfect SPA day experience.

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